Various Cranky and Canta Examples

Here's a Bunch of Links to video of Cantastoria & Cranky performances of all kinds:


Around the World:  Bengali Patachitra jhadpur cantastoria   sicilian catastoria french cantastoria about the Belgali scroll painting singers a good example of a traditional italian cantastoria


Contemporary, USA Old Reliable Amusements performed by the Dolly Wagglers    Mac the Knife - Meredith Miller   Ballad of Jacob Apfelboek-Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life Beth Nixon takes after his father - by Dave Buchen as I walked out one evening – by more of everything theater company St james infirmary - by Blair Thomas  bread & puppet’s he who desires but acts not breeds pestilence –narrated by clare dolan  hurricaine manifesto -clare dolan/museum of everyday life   answers to 4 questions-Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life   the foot (andrea difran) where’s my f-ing bailout - Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life happy narouz   papel machete mud season part 1 - Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life mud season part 2 - Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life mud season part 3 - Clare Dolan/Museum of Everyday Life the smash-a-bank polka from the RMO in brooklyn dave buchen and chris schoen perform this baudelare poem/song  Dave Buchen and Chris Schoen/Theater Ooblek The Giantess more Baudelaire poems More from the Dolly Wagglers