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detail of a scroll - Baku Chitrakar, West Bengal

Various Historical Images of Cantastoria

The Whole gang in the exhibition hall

Banners & Cranks Storrs CT 2017

Lindsey McCaw and Clare Dolan perform Rattlesnake Mountain

Banners & Cranks New Jersey 2017

Detroit Pleasure Society Band at the Trumbullplex

Banners & Cranks Unleashed with Live Music by the Detroit Pleasure Society Band at the Trumbullplex

Sam Wilson performs Tosca

A Raucous Evening of Banners and Cranks with Live Music by the Detroit Party Marching Band

Jenny Romaine and Great Small Works performing 1914

Banners & Cranks in the galleries at the DIA

Clare Dolan performing Exquisite Corpse

Sunday Evening Show at the Carrie Morris Art Productions House

Joe Therrien and Sam Wilson performing Profit Motive Monster in the Detroit Institute of Art's Rivera Courtyard

Kid’s Program at the Detroit Institute of Art

Deborah Hunt

San Juan 2014

The Banners & Cranks Band

Jalopy Theater New York City 2012

An Illustrated History of Cantastoria

HERE Arts Center New York City 2011

Amy Trompeter

Photos of the 2011 Fest

Brooklyn Bridge PArk Band

Photos from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Show


Performing in Puerto Rico

Andrea DiFrancesco performing Chicken and Earmuffs

Chicago 2010